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For Vietnamese people, giving greeting cards to each other on his or her special occasions such as birthday, Christmas, new born baby is just recently introduced from Western countries to Vietnam about ten years ago. Although not becoming giving-card culture, greeting cards are becoming increasingly popular, especially with young people, who are very sensitive to foreign trends.

3d pop up car card

Every Christmas, we see people give each other lovely greetings cards as wishes for a peaceful Christmas season and a happy new year.

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Starting with simple printed cards, greeting cards are becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex in order to satisfy the high demand of customers. Handmade greeting cards won the hearts of young people because of their unique design, especially 3D pop up greeting cardswhich are affected by the Japanese kirigami and origami art. With 3D cards, the creativity of the artisans is unlimited. Card givers can find every card they need for every occasion, from 3D pop up Christmascards3D pop up birthday cards3D pop up love cards, 3D pop up wedding cards, 3D pop up new born baby cards, 3D pop up boat cards, 3D pop up flowers cards, 3D pop up cards for every occasion etc.

3d pop up easter card


Established since 2012, MaiGreetings has been supplying, selling and exporting 3D pop up greeting cards worldwide. After nearly 5 years, our 3D pop up cards have arrived to 15 countries and over 50 cities around the world. With a team of talented designers and skilled craftsmen, Maigreetings provides sophisticated 3D greeting cards with various designs for all important occasions.