How to make a 3D pop up greeting card?

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How to make a 3D pop up card?

Many people ask me how to make a 3D pop up card. Someone believes that the making process is very simple: you just put the papers in the laser cutting machine and then you will get a perfect 3D card. The others say that the making process is totally handmade, from cutting, assembling to gluing. Well, the truth is if you just make one card, you will need to do all the above-mentioned process. But to make some couples of thousand cards per day, the 3D card’s making process is a well-balanced combination of some stages that I will tell you about later.


1. Designing: including drawing the model on the paper and on the computer and testing 3D models until you make a perfect model that can be easily opened and closed.
2. Cutting: all of the details of the model, the outside and inside covers are cut by laser cutting machines. To assure the quantity of some thousands cards per day, Maigreetings has 6 laser cutting machines that are in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
3. Assembling: this is one of the most complicated stages in the process. One team including the most skillful craftsman will assemble all of the models, from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Notre Dame in Paris to the motorcycle.
4. Sewing: sewing the model to the inside cover. The accuracy of this stage is responsible for whether the models can stand perfectly when you open the card.
5. Gluing: gluing the inside cover to the outside cover.
6. Choosing and checking if the cards is perfect or not.
7. Putting the card into envelope and poly envelope.
8. Packing and exporting: the cards are packed in 5-layer carton boxes and ready to export to many countries around the world.

Hope you have better information about how to make a pop up card.